Guidelines for the Community Partner Referral Program

  1. What is the Community Referral Program about?

  2. The Community Partners Program is a Not for Profit program. Partners (current 100) may refer their clients in crisis to CCA and will in return be provided with a report of the benefits received by their clients. Organizations that decide to join this partnership would no longer have to provide storage space for the clothing freeing up space to use for other projects.

  3. What’s new in the 2018 for CCA REFERRAL PROGRAM?

  4. The new changes are: Information on digital and social media indicating that CCA is part of the QOL network and we work towards digital referral database coming in 2018.

  5. Who can be referred for FREE clothing?

  6. CCA partners with over 150 organizations in Thunder bay area who are involved in poverty reduction process. An authorized agent from partnering organization refers clients in CRISIS or financial distress to receive FREE clothing.

  7. What type of clothing is to be given to the person in need?

  8. The FREE clothing can be picked up from the general clothing section. Clothing is very well selected and clean.

  9. Should the recipient pickup the clothing in person?

  10. It is a must , unless one is picking for a dependent or person who is hospitalized or in jail.

  11. What is included in the FREE referral offering?

  12. The FREE clothing that are offered is once at season (every 3 months), 3 complete outfits, 1 jacket and 1 pair of shoes.

  13. What is not included in the FREE referral offering?

  14. Fundraising items, and all other non clothing items which are CCA internal fundraising to pay its operational expenses.

  15. What is the timeframe to redeem a referral coupon by?

  16. The client gets clothing every 3 months if needed. If all clothing could not be found at the first visit, the recipient can come back within 10 days to pickup the other items of clothing. The referral is honoured within 10 days from the issue day.

  17. What are the hours of service at CCA?

  18. Monday to Friday 10am to 4 pm, because the selection of clothing takes time and hence we are urging our recipient to come before 4 pm.

  19. When is the client refused the service?

    1. When the recipient is intoxicated or violent in behaviour
    2. When the client has already received the items for the current season(CCA serves clients every 3 months)
    3. The Client needs to have a valid referral – and is the person in need, not being – volunteer benefits
    4. The person is not the one who is referred.
    5. The person fails to show ID.
    6. When there is more than 1 adult, per referral, each person needs to have a separate referral request.
    7. Individuals caught shoplifting at the store.
    8. We serve referrals from 10-4pm. We close the store at 5pm and hence it would be difficult to serve a person who arrives closer to 5pm.

  20. What are the policy objectives of service represent at CCA?

  21. The objectives of the policies are: Clients should be easily identified and be able to understand what services the CCA offers. Client should also understand the effort of volunteers in helping them.

  22. Can the agent refer services to him/her self or the family members to CCA?

  23. This practice should be avoided. Please use other agent to cross witness the needed services.