Community Partner Referral Program FAQ

How does it Work?

  1. What is the Referral Program?

  2. The Referral Program is one of Community Clothing Assistance’s flagship programs to help those in need of clothing. The program provides three sets of FREE clothing to people in need and who are referred to us by our more than 150 partner agencies.

  3. How does the Referral Program work?

  4. Any individual who requires clothing but cannot afford them or has lost his/her belongings under some unfortunate circumstances like theft, fire accident can avail the program service by contacting one of our partner agencies. The agency personnel will then create an online profile for the client and then create an online referral request. The client then visits CCA Store where he/she is given a Referral card which needs to be presented every time when availing the referral program. The CCA cashier will then check the online referral request and provide free clothing to the client.

  5. What is the CCARD System?

  6. Community Clothing Assistance Referral Database system (CCARD) is a system designed to implement the referral program online and eliminating all the paperwork required. Under this new system, partnering agencies can apply online to partner with us in the referral program. The agencies can also refer client to us online with just a click, instead of creating referral letters and filling paper forms. The system is aimed to implement the program in a easy and efficient way.

  7. How can an agency take part in the Referral Program?

  8. Any agency that wants to take part in the Referral Program must submit an online application by visiting . Once the application is approved by the administrator of Community Clothing Assistance, a profile is created for the new partner and a user account is created for the primary user-admin of that agency. The login information will then be emailed to the Primary user.

  9. What details are required to fill in the online application?

  10. The online application form requires basic details about the organization like its name, address, contact email id and phone number. Other details required are the name, designation and contact details of the primary user and the Executive Director of the organization along with a brief description of the organization.

  11. Who is a Primary User?

  12. A Primary user-admin will act as the main point of contact between Community Clothing Assistance and the partner agency. The primary user can be anyone from the agency who has been authorized to act on behalf of the agency and refer clients. The primary user is also referred to as the User- admin as he/she can create user accounts for other personnel within their organization.

  13. How many workers from an agency are allowed to have an account in the CCARD system?

  14. There is no limit to the number of workers who can have an account with the CCARD system as long as they are full time employees and not volunteers.

  15. How to refer clients to the referral program?

  16. To refer a client to the referral program, The Agency personnel must first have an account with the CCARD system which the primary user-admin of the agency can create for them. Referring the client for the first time:
    • When referring the client for the first time, the agency personnel need to create a Customer profile for the client being referred. Once the profile has been created a user ID is generated for the customer.
    • The personnel needs to enter this user id on the referrals page and click the create request button to create a referral request.
    • Then the client being referred can visit Community Clothing Assistance store on 404 May St and present a piece of ID for verification. This is to verify that the client being serviced is the correct one.
    • Then a CCA referral card (Loyalty card) with the user id is issued to the customer (The card is issued only once in the beginning and the client is responsible for its safety).
    • The CCA referral card needs to be presented to the store cashier every time the client is referred by the partner organization and avails the service of the referral program.
    • Then the client is allowed to take 3 sets of clothing as per their choice (clothing in the fundraising boutique section is excluded from the referral program).
    • Referring the client after first time:
    • Referring a client who already has a customer profile and CCA Referral card is easy.
    • A client in need of clothing can visit one of our partner agencies and present his CCA Referral Card.
    • The agency personnel can then either scan the card on the referral page or type the user id manually and click on the create button. If the client had been helped with clothing through another organization for the new season then the service will be rejected automatically by the system.
    • Once the system checks for previous requests within the same season, the referral request for the client is created.
    • The client then walks in to CCA store and presents his CCA Referral card to the cashier.
    • The cashier will then scan the barcode on the card to see if a referral request for the client has been created.
    • If the request has been created then the client is allowed to pick 3 pairs of free clothing.
    • The clothing items are chosen then placed at the counter for the cashier to scan them.
    • The items being given then are recorded in the client’s history.

  17. Do the agency personnel referring a client get any notification when a client is referred?

  18. Yes, a notification email is sent to the agency personnel and the Clothing Centre administrator upon the creation of a referral request.

  19. What will happen if an agency loses access to their account?

  20. The partner agency can email us and a temporary new password for the primary user will be sent to the email id of the primary user. The primary user can then use the temporary password to login to the system and then change it. Or the user can click on the Forgot password link at the bottom of the login page and then enter their email ID. The system will check if an account exists with the entered email id and if it exists then the current password is emailed to the worker’s email id.

  21. What will happen if agency personnel forget their password?

  22. The person needs to click on the forgot password link at the bottom of the login page and then enter their email id. The system will check if an account exists with the entered email id and if it exists then the current password is emailed to the worker’s email id.

  23. Are children included in the referral program?

  24. Yes, of course! All children up to the age of 18 are included in the program if in crisis.

  25. Do the children need a separate referral request?

  26. No. A separate referral request cannot be created for children below the age of 18. When a referral request is created, the clients are given the option to say whether they want their children to be included in the request or not.

  27. Do the children need the CCA Referral Card?

  28. Yes. All the children who are serviced under the Referral program are issued a CCA Referral Card free of cost which must be presented at the time of service. Customer profiles for the children can be created either at the same time it is being created for their parents or guardians or at any later time. These cards are linked with the cards of their guardians or parents.

  29. How many pieces of clothing can one client get under the Referral Program?

  30. A client is allowed to take 3 set of complete clothing ( 3 short sleeves, 3 long sleeves ,one jean, 1 dress pant, one short, one Capri, one jacket, one sweater and one hoodie and pair of boots or shoes and other items).

  31. What can one do if cannot find all the clothing needed at a time?

  32. The client is always welcome to come back to the Clothing Bank to pick up the remaining items which he/she didn’t get during their previous visit.

  33. Apart from clothing can the client take any other household items?

  34. Unfortunately, only clothing is included in the Referral program.

  35. What will happen when the client loses the card?

  36. The client can visit the CCA store and request a new card. Since the client’s details are already in the system, the client’s identity can be easily verified and a new card issued.

  37. Is there an expiry date on the card?

  38. Yes, the card is valid for one year from the date of issue. The client needs to apply for a new card every year if stays in crisis.

  39. Are there any limitations under the Referral Program?

  40. Yes. The client can avail the Referral Program service once every 3 month period ( every season).

  41. What will happen when a client requires service for a second time within the 3 month period?

  42. If a client requires assistance for a second time within the same 3 month period due to some unforeseen reasons, an exception request can be made by the partner agency personnel for the client. Then the agency personnel can create a second referral request for the client. The client will receive 1 set of clothing.

  43. Is the CCARD transferrable to another person?

  44. No, the CCARD is not transferrable and can be used only for the person to whom it was issued.

  45. Can a person take clothing on behalf of a client?

  46. Yes. Sometimes under unforeseen circumstances the client may not be able to be physically present at the Clothing Bank. In such cases a person authorized by the client can take the clothing on behalf of them by presenting the client’s CCA Referral card at the store.

  47. Does the client need to present any form of ID while availing the service?

  48. No. The client is required to present only their CCA Referral card at the time of service since the client’s ID is already verified at the time of issuing the card. Only when the service is availed by a person on behalf of a client an ID is required.

  49. Can the CCA Referral Card be redeemed for monetary value?

  50. No. The CCA Referral Card cannot be redeemed for any monetary value, but the card can be used as a LOYALTY CARD and redeem collected money if any towards the next shopping activity.

  51. Can the CCA Referral Card be used to purchase non clothing items?

  52. No. The CCARD Referral Card can be used to pick up only clothing items (Excluding Boutique). Same as above.

  53. How can one update or change a client’s information in the system?

  54. If a client wishes to change or update his/her information, they need to either call or meet their worker and inform them about the changes. The worker can then login to the CCARD system and update the client’s profile information.

  55. What are the season’s periods?

  56. December 1- February 28, Winter
    March 1- May 31, Spring
    June 1 –August 31, Summer
    September 1- November 30, Fall