HOW Program


What will I gain from participating in the program?
You will get:
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Letter of Reference
  • Improve your social skills, including communication and listening skills
  • Help you prepare for working life
  • Give you confidence at job interviews
  • Make you more independent
  • Improve your emotional well-being and faith in oneself
  • Help you identify any additional support you may need
  • WORKSHOPS aim to help participants to overcome personal obstacles

‘BEAT THE IMPOSSIBLE’ Workshop Series:
This series of workshops will help you develop in the following areas,
  • Work Ethics:
  • · Typical workplace expectations
    · How to handle job expectations
  • Dress for Success:
  • · Self care and self image
    · Taking time to care for ourselves
    · Being gentle with ourselves
  • Becoming Your Own Ally:
  • · Overcoming self-defeating behaviours
    · Identifying strengths
  • Motivating Your Motivation:
  • · Goal setting
    · Maintaining motivation
    · Mapping our dreams
  • Recognizing and Growing Joy:
  • · Mindfulness
    · Coping with disappointments and setbacks
  • Step Into Your Future:
  • · Going back to school
    · Attaining employment
    · Furthering education
HOW Program is Offered to.
  • People referred to us institutions such as the March of Dimes, YES Employment Services, Northwest Employment Works (NEW), and other various organizations.
  • Additionally, students can self-refer from Lakehead University, Confederation College, high schools, learning academies and alternative schools within the region to name a few.
  • Students can complete their community hours here through the HOW program
Self Evaluation Process..
  • HOW participants are initially asked to complete a self-evaluation in a series of both personal and professional categories. The evaluation process is done purely to help the individual identify their strengths and/or weaknesses.

What some participants have said about their HOW Program?
    "It was helpful to me as I nwo feel confident in a workplace. I've proved my effective communication skills, and assertiveness is a skill. I've learnt here , and will continue to develop". " The workshops gave me some good advice I can use in real life , how I can achieve goods in life and picture where I see myself in 3 years an dhow to get there". " I will take my skills I have learned and use them in future workplaces. And I will use my strengths I have gained to be a better worker in the future". "There are a lot of work experiences offered at CCA to help develop skills like organizing and planning, strategic and operations. Personally I've had a great experience. Thank you."