Affordable Clothing Assistance Program

  • Focus area of the Program
  • It helps individuals meet their and their families basic needs by providing them with low-cost, quality clothing. At CCA, it costs approximately $15 for a complete outfit including shoes and a sweater or a bag of clothing up to 50 pieces, whereas the same outfit at a traditional thrift store would cost upwards of $250-$300. Providing such a low pricing scheme encourages self-sufficiency, while also allowing our clients to apply more of their income towards the purchase of other basic needs like food and housing.

  • Program/service main objectives
  • The main objective of the Affordable Clothing & Assistance Program is to make it possible for clients to provide for themselves and remain self-sufficient, even on limited incomes. Another objective is to lessen the stigma of poverty by providing quality clothing at unbeatable prices so that individuals may feel confident when applying for jobs, or going to school.

  • Main activities
  • The Affordable clothing & Assistance Program targets low-income individuals and families,and may include people escaping domestic abuse situations, social assistance recipients, senior citizens on fixed incomes, people with disabilities, people in crisis situations, and those who are unaccustomed to accepting or asking for charity.